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      When your mum tells you to make a good impression - she's no longer talking about you brushing your hair. She means your homepage video. Literally.

      That's because Mums know it is vital for the first website visit to make a great first impression, telling and most importantly showing your prospective customers what a jolly useful and attractive business you are, with great brand values and lots to offer. Mummsie's right.

      It’s been proven that website bounce rates decrease and conversions increase when engaging moving image content is used: Video is highly sticky stuff.

      Everything about a homepage video should position you as you intend. Want a cheap brand video? That's spot on if you're an economy brand and you want that message to come across clearly. What if you're a sassy or innovative brand? Well you need a sassy and innovative slice of video to serve up. Premium brand? Premium content. It's all pretty obvious, and yet, strangely elusive for many.

      So here's the Big Fat Opportunity - Give LIQUONA a call, answer a few simple questions, and we'll all quickly have a better understanding of how the right homepage video could be building your business.  Video is a proven method to increasing your sales.

      Let your mum (or anyone else's mum) know you're making the call and she'll be very pleased.

      Below are four homepage videos we have produced, after just such conversations.

      CIPHR Homepage Video

      A slickety-doo-dah example of a high production value company homepage film. We sourced the office location, dressed it and styled our actors intentionally to position CIPHR as a contemporary and attractive brand.  Everyone that features in the video is a professional actor who we cast. Casting professionals allows us to source and select people who best represent your brand and sector. In fact every single thing in this video was considered and controlled and is there for a reason. The script was tight, the lights were bright and the sound design was... um, sound.

      Stunningly-well shot, engaging, entertaining and now helping to grow the CIPHR brand.

      Guide budget £35,000 – £55,000 + VAT depending on variables.

      Krank Homepage Video

      This is a B.E.A.utifully effective example of a company homepage video, demonstrating that even with a modest budget, we can create a high quality product. Filmed in the Liquona studios with just one actress.  The final result is a very engaging and compelling piece that both promotes Krank with all the desired brand values, and explains what they do;  all safely tucked up in bed in just over a minute.

      Guide budget £18,000 – £25,000 + VAT depending on variables.

      Tillotts Pharma Homepage Video

      So we've shown you what we can cook up when we use actors in our homepage videos, this film is an example of a homepage video that features the staff and faces behind the company!  And why not eh? People do business with people, and sometimes putting your team on screen presents opportunities for a personable, family and authentic feel. Remember, everything about a homepage video should position you as you intend.

      The Tillotts staff are a hugely fun and friendly team. People really enjoy working there and are keen to join the company when they visit  - it's easy to see why. We wanted this warmth to come across in a homepage video where the staff give you a tour of the business and what they do.  Sadly that meant we had to sack off Antonio Banderas from playing the role of company MD: We didn't really have the heart to do it, so just stopped returning his calls.

      Guide budget £10,000 – £20,000 + VAT

      Shotoku Broadcast Systems

      “This looks like a brand film for Shotoku Broadcast Systems, a leader in the manufacture and marketing of some of the world’s most advanced Camera Support Systems”, is probably what you’re thinking right now. 

      James, from Shotoku Broadcast Systems, told us this: (after we’d asked ... he didn’t say it for no reason)

      ‘One of the things that separated Liquona from other agencies we considered was the focus on the scoping stage. This was a way to allow us, and Liquona, to explore the brief in some more depth than possible in the competitive RFP, but also see how the other party approaches the work.’

      ‘The working relationship between client and creative agency is vital; the scoping stage gave us a chance to experience that relationship at low risk before embarking on the major project.’

      The team are extremely proud of this project! We were tasked with communicating Shotoku Broadcast Systems' brand offering in a technical but stylistically simple way.

      So you see, a brand film is really important for your business. If it’s important, it’s worth scoping out, and if it’s worth scoping out, then it’s worth enquiring for a quote, and … oh you get the idea!

      Give us a call on 02077577473, and say you want to scope out scoping! 


      Guide budget £65,000 – £85,000 + VAT

      See more 3D animations here

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