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      Professional Streaming & Event Coverage

      Looking to host an event online? With our event live streaming services, broadcast your event instead from our Surrey-based studio, no matter where in the world you and your speakers are.

      Used for all types of virtual events... virtual award ceremonies, congress, virtual conferences, keynote speeches, product launches, global management meetings, panel discussions, AGMs, virtual training etc.

      Live streaming is likely to continue to be needed long after lockdown, in future based on the event location itself as clients favour the idea of hybrid events; F2F and virtual combined to reap the benefits of both.

      Why live stream?

      Event live streaming can be both efficient and cost-effective. As you can broadcast from anywhere in the world, you can ensure people can attend without spending money on travel and accommodation.

      Record your sessions so your audience can tune in later, or purchase tickets to view the recorded stream. You can gain more profit by having unlimited attendees without worrying about the costs to hire a large venue.

      More people will be inclined to purchase tickets if the event is online as they don’t need to organise getting to your venue, saving time, or making sure they are dressed for the occasion. Everyone can attend from their own home or office.

      Avoid the technical headaches of hosting your own event online; we run streamed events like a live TV broadcast.

      Don't DIY Stream. We Pro Stream

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      Our event live streaming services include:

      • Multi-camera coverage and multiple feeds as required.
      • Live mixing from various locations and contributors around the world, broadcast to a dedicated URL where viewers sign in to attend.
      • Managed webcasting of multiple feeds, suitable for panel discussions, keynote speakers in various locations, video inserts and a host presenter whether in our studio or at home.
      • Motion graphics produced and licensed music to theme the event and give it the finesse event attendees would ordinarily expect.

      What's included in our event live streaming packages?

      We can be flexible, providing the services only you require. Coverage starts from just one camera or feed, right up to multi-camera and multi-location virtual events with a range of crew involved.

      We also provide many options for the pre-production support and planning required, we ensure you get everything you need. Liquona offers the backup support that’s necessary for your project and live events such as secondary servers, secondary internet lines and backup transmission decks for the event day itself. Call for a bespoke quote.

      The live stream

      The event live stream carries the content of your virtual event and can be delivered straight onto your website, social media, or it can be a private link with password protection. We'll sort it all according to your requirements.

      What clients say

      We worked with Liquona on our first virtual event.  They were a great partner -- getting our speakers prepped and ready for their online presentations, liaising with our virtual event platform provider to ensure no technical issues and finally managing the run of the show on the day of the event ensuring seamless transitions between live streams and pre-recorded content.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as a virtual event production partner.

      Karen Healy, Partner, Global Leader, ISG Events

      How does the live stream work?

      Our studio is used as the broadcast venue, we'll sort the network considerations.

      If you are streaming to a small online audience (less than 1000 people) then we can usually stream using your chosen location's internet.  Please ensure that the location can supply a hard wired ethernet connection (not wifi), without a firewall on the connection. This enables us to be sure your event will broadcast with no hiccups, so you can enjoy a flawless streaming experience.

      If your event live stream is going to be viewed by more than 1000 people, we recommend reserving dedicated bandwidth to guarantee a good connection, all of which we can help with. Don’t worry about a thing, we’ve got you covered throughout the whole project.

      As part of our service, we offer 'event wrap up' films too. See examples of our event wrap up films here.


      That’s by far and away the best digital awards ceremony I’ve ever seen; and I’ve seen a few this year!

      Account lead, Weber Shandwick, 2020

      What kind of events can be live-streamed?


      Awards shows

      Stream your awards show to showcase the full event online. You can link your camera to the webcams of attendees at home to deliver acceptance speeches. This allows for more people to attend who live further away such as overseas or have a different time zone.


      Live gigs and performances

      Live music streaming has become more popular and successful over the years. Cameras are able to connect directly with instruments and microphones to get that studio feel from home.


      Ceremonies and celebrations

      Ceremonies such as graduations can now be attended by the whole family, no matter where they are in the world. Weddings celebrations can be viewed online so you can invite immediate family members without leaving out extended relationships.


      Ted talks

      Hosting a ted talk? We’ve got you covered when it comes to recording presentations and educational speeches. Providing a flawless, clear video stream that listeners at home can feel involved in.


      Examples of streaming success 

      During lockdown, streaming live music became more popular. Opera singer Andrea Bocelli performed songs live from the Duomo Milano gaining 3 million live views and up to 28 million by the end of the day, breaking live stream records. This is far more than any performance he would have put on if it was only performed in person. It also encouraged people to be indoors and safe during the pandemic.

      Live Stream, in partnership with New York Magazine, conducted a study that concluded that 80% of people would watch a live stream band rather than read a blog from the same industry. 82% would watch the band's live stream than read content on their site, and 67% would go on to buy a ticket after watching their live stream. This shows how successful live streaming can be for music artists, event organisers and more.

      How much does event live streaming cost?

      • Prices are fully bespoke, just like our service.
      • We are cost-competitive: Our event live streaming is affordable.
      • Just call to tell us more about your live broadcast requirements and we'll supply a quote.

      Don't DIY Stream. Let us Pro Stream

      Call : 0207 757 7473

      A full-service event live streaming production

      We provide a full service from start to finish. We use our experience in event live streaming and customer service to offer you the complete package.


      As LIQUONA take you through every step of the way, asking you the right questions and taking in your feedback, we ensure your streaming experience is perfect. We make sure you are 100% happy with your production.


      A huge thank you again for hosting our awards and for all your support. Your creativity shines through and you’re all such a pleasure to be around.

      Debbie Hockham, Executive Director, MEMCOM

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