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      Our Social Media Video Production Services

      Whether you want stand-alone content solely for your social media channels or social videos to support a multi-channel campaign, our professional social media video production services are designed to deliver your message with maximum impact. 

      As a full-service agency, we guide your project from initial concept to final social media-ready cuts. We specialise in creating engaging videos for platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, ensuring your content resonates with your audience.

      Case Study - DHL

      DHL eCommerce UK wanted to build awareness of their offering among their target market. The ad we created emphasises a key reason why their customers choose DHL eCommerce; because they care about their people, their employees take care when handling and delivering their parcels.

      The TV ads were supported with social media content that jumped out of the screen to grab their customer's attention.

      Case Study - The Littlest Hoglet

      UK charity, The British Hedgehog Preservation Society, had created lesson plans and educational content to help teach children about the decline of UK hedgehog populations and simple steps they can take to survive and thrive. To coincide with Hedgehog Awareness Week we produced and distributed a series of short videos following the story of a family of hedgehogs as they navigate some of the dangers they may encounter in UK gardens. To support this video series we also produced some YouTube Shorts featuring behind-the-scenes content and instructional videos to help viewers take action.

      A targeted ad campaign on YouTube helped ensure the video was seen by the target market with the videos being viewed more than 87,000 times during the campaign.

      What social platforms?

      With social media algorithms increasingly prioritising video content, our team expertly tailors your videos for each platform, ensuring maximum impact and brand visibility. 

      • Facebook
      • Instagram
      • LinkedIn
      • Twitter
      • Youtube
      • TikTok

      Case Study CIPA

      The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys approached Liquona with a challenge. They needed to reach innovators and entrepreneurs who were unaware of the protection that patents can provide, and the benefits of working with a chartered patent attorney. 

      We created three case study videos of innovators from a range of backgrounds and industries, who shared their personal journeys from invention to commercialisation, and the role that patents had played in helping them succeed.

      The videos ran as ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, targeting a range of demographics and interest profiles, most likely to benefit from patent guidance now or in the future, achieving over 750,000 impressions. 


      We’ve Never Gone Over Budget

      We take your budget very seriously and promise that we’ll never go over. In fact, we’ve never gone over budget in any video we’ve worked on.

      We’re Award Winning

      Proud to be a ‘Television Top 30’ company, and we’ve won numerous awards over the years. This is a testament to the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

      We’re An Experienced Team

      Our team is made up of talent from top UK organisations such as the BBC. Over the years, we’ve worked on any kind of video you can imagine, and we bring this experience to every project to make it a success.

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      • Is social media video production different to other types of video?
        Yes, and no. The overarching process of producing an effective video for social media is the same as any channel. We need an effective strategy, a creative concept, expert production and editing, and distribution on the right channels. That said, each social platform has its own audience with different behaviours and preferences, and the platforms themselves have different requirements for video duration, aspect ratios and safe zones.
      • How much do social media videos cost to produce?
        Costs vary based on the video's length, complexity, and specific requirements. We offer customised quotes to meet your budget and project needs.
      • How can video be used on social media platforms?
        Video on social channels can achieve several key objectives: - Brand awareness - Engagement - Lead generation and sales - Education