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      Our clients say it best...

      Darren Richards

      Director of Engagement


      I’m really happy, you caught the brief perfectly. You show Amadou with agency and dignity, you manage to show the ship, the volunteers, surgeries, and the vaccines - all in 30 seconds.

      And all in a top spec format that looks amazing and fresh.

      Plus, it was done in record time, on budget and on schedule.

      It was easy working with the team too, a real professional, polite and helpful.

      Leyna Prince

      7.4 Healthcare Communications

      It’s always a little nerve-wracking recommending a collaboration with a third party company to your client, as you’re putting your own reputation on the line if the outcome doesn’t live up to expectations. We brought on LIQUONA to support the development of a series of videos for a well-known pharmaceutical company and we were completely reassured that we had made the right choice from Day 1.

      The collaboration was seamless, with excellent project management, creative discussion and, at crunch times, almost daily communication. Roles and responsibilities – often the sticking point when three or more parties are involved – were crystal clear. There was a fantastic ‘can do’ attitude from LIQUONA and feedback was always received in a really positive way.

      The outcome was great; our client is very happy, we look good (thank you!). Having worked with a few production companies previously, I can easily say that collaborating with LIQUONA was a completely different experience – the best one, by far.

      Kevin O’Sullivan

      Head of Project Management, London

      Baker & McKenzie LLP

      My firm has just completed an animated video with LIQUONA. The final product is having the desired effect in showcasing how we are approaching legal service delivery using Legal Project Managers. As well as nailing the brief, a few points stand out in the way Matt, Amanda and the team approached the work. There was always a sense of fun intermingled with a professional guidance for every meeting/ communication. Very clear on timescales and budgets and always setting us realistic deadlines. While we were managed as SMEs, the LIQUONA team brought innovation and challenge that was always timely, delivered humbly but with a strong sense of expertise. Matt, Amanda and the team definitely live by their values and made this experience fun and very rewarding. I highly recommend them.

      Melanie Thorpe

      Legal and General

      Everyone on the team at LIQUONA is professional, helpful, patient and applies thought to what's being created. Requests are never just processed - if there's a better way they'll make a suggestion. That's what you need from experts, it makes the final result so much better.

      Martin Simmonite


      I can’t say thank you enough, I know it’s been a journey but the dedication and attention to our needs has delivered a tremendous result.
      Finding trusted partners in our business that deliver to our sometimes impossible timelines is rare but to be able join in a local relationship with a young and dynamic business is especially exciting.

      Abbey Cortazzi


      "I just wanted to send a note to say thank your for your support with our defence capability video. I have been so impressed with your team – they have been nothing but helpful, hard working and always professional and I’m sure you’ll agree that the results are outstanding."

      Jon Lunn


      "Great job... And you lived up to your 'brand promise' you made me look good :)"

      Sammy Ough


      "We’ve enjoyed working with LIQUONA to produce a series of animations for our social media communications, explaining the customer journey.
      LIQUONA's highly creative treatment, along with their extremely organised product process is why we chose to work with them. 
      We’re always impressed at how LIQUONA manages our feedback; they give advice and offer solutions throughout the process, they don’t just say ‘yes’ to everything suggested.   We welcome their 'push back’ and advice as it means we get the best result!"

      Alexander Watson

      Ketchum Healthcare Communications

      "Matt. Thank you for your excellent leadership yesterday. You have a wonderfully encouraging and generous manner that put everyone totally at ease.
      Keep up the great work and hope to be able to work with you more."

      David Richter

      Octopus HR

      “It’s impossible for me to overstate the impact that the explainer video has had on our business. It clearly explains the key benefits of a complex product and does so in a way that enhances our brand. From a lead generation perspective we conducted some analysis that found if a visitor to our website views the explainer video they are MASSIVELY more likely to make an enquiry than someone who hasn’t watched it. For example, someone who lands on our website after searching Google for “HR Software” will request a quote a little over 2% of the time. If they watch the explainer video this enquiry rate shoots up to over 70%!!!
      With this in mind we’re currently redesigning the homepage of our website to make the video even more prominent”

      Emma Hilton

      Marketing Manager


      “I have had the pleasure of working with LIQUONA over the last six months on one of NHBC’s largest video ventures to date. LIQUONA has helped NHBC to produce a very professional looking set of training videos; from the upfront creative session and advice provided, to the effort put in from all staff throughout the project and lengths that they go to provide the polished, finished product.

      Having spent a few days on location with the team, we worked hard and had a great laugh, plus you get a sense that everyone really wants to be there and it’s more than ‘just another job’. We have established a great working relationship with LIQUONA!”

      Sarah Shakespeare

      A2 Milk

      “LIQUONA helped us create two animations, one with a healthcare audience and the other for the general public.  The animations needed to explain the complex process of how milk affects the human body.  LIQUONA were great at helping to visualise this complex process in a beautiful 2D and 3D animation."

      Amy Miller


      "OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT! I’m so excited!"

      Emma Stone


      Huge thanks to everyone at Liquona you have done an amazing job. Thanks very, very much.

      Siobhan Brennan


      "I am highly impressed with Liquona' creativity, script input and overall project management for our video marketing campaign. The team delivered a strong product explainer animation which has been an extremely useful sales tool for our commercial team. I look forward to working with Oliver and the team again soon."

      Peter Byrom


      LIQUONA are a truly excellent company. They filmed and edited SPCK’s Vision Video with professionalism, dedication, and creative conscientiousness from start to finish. They unrelentingly devoted themselves to serving and fulfilling the purpose of the product. Filming was slick and they conducted themselves in a warm, friendly, encouraging manner toward all staff and interviewees. Post-production scheduling was tightly organised, feedback was taken on board and negotiated in a collaborative spirit, and the results exceeded expectations. I highly recommend LIQUONA to anybody who wants their multimedia representation to be in safe, yet innovative, hands.