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      Music plays a vital role

      The music track that you choose for your video can more deeply engage your audience, or distract their attention: It needs to be right!

      Music can engage a viewer to make them stop what they are doing and tune in, it can bring moving imagery to life, setting an emotion, the tone and invoking a deeper response in the viewer.

      Deeper emotional engagement is proven to aid memory retention meaning that the viewer will remember more of your messaging for longer. Music is not a frilly nicety, it's a powerful tool to engage your target audience.

      As well as selecting music that works well for the video, it is crucial to consider the 'tone' of the music - how does it represent your company, product or brand.

      Whether public facing B2C, internal comms or B2B, the music should still 'say' something about how seriously you are taking yourself, your product and the value of this video.

      But that's not to say the music should be serious! Music can be described as being playful, contemporary, intelligent, friendly, classic, high tec, exciting, calming, inspirational, traditional, luxurious, indulgent, frugal.

      Many of those terms are watchwords for the way that brands want desperately to be considered. Let music play it's part in your viewer's experience.

      The video on the right is a passion piece created by one of our animators which explores the 'joy' of music and motion. To read more see here.

      How we work

      At Liquona we offer more than just high quality visuals to ensure your video performs well.

      Whilst we are creating visuals, writing scripts and storyboarding we are also searching for the right piece of music to enhance your film.

      For us and in an ideal world - having the chosen music track before animating or editing begins, gives our creative designers and editors a good feel of what beat to work to, the speed of the tempo that will hold together the video and the tone of the overall piece.

      This piece of music must be carefully picked from millions of tracks.

      Our team can then create an animatic which sets the storyboard or designs in time with the music track for the client.

      Mixing the music

      When potential has been found in a handful of tracks, they need to be cut to the correct length and see how adaptable they are, finding out how many layers are involved.  These layers are known as stems.

      Having these stems allow us to break down the audio file from it’s mash in the mixing bowl - singling out just the piano, strings, vocals etc - giving us full control of when we add moments of impact, controlling the audience's emotions.

      Hand crafting a piece like this can be time consuming if it’s an after thought, but it really drives home a message, and if worked in early enough, can really give your video the POP it deserves. Sound Effects can also be added and may enhance the visuals.

      Our recent video for Baker McKenzie does just that whilst being slick and stylised, incorporating sound effects to emphasise the visuals during the quieter moments of the track. This video however, is currently private.  See more about this project here.

      The Benefits of Audio

      The key benefit to having the audio at an early stage is that it allows the piece, video and motion graphics to be timed to the music.

      This style of promotional video can really pack a punch with it's viewers offering a higher engagement throughout the video.

      Cutting clips to a beat makes an all round more better product however can be more difficult to change if the track is timed to it.  For example if a client wants to emphasise a shot and hold on it for an extra second or two - this might throw out the entire track by a bar or two meaning more shots must be used to pad out and fill the gaps later on down the timeline.

      Music will invoke a reaction whilst creating a more memberable video.  It aids the narrative giving the viewer an understanding of what they should be feeling at different times.

      The intro of our Grohe UK Truck Tour does just that. You can visit the Grohe Truck Tour page here.