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      Behind The Scenes, The Interview

      Filming an interview

      Filming interviews is a fine art. In the above setup we had three cameras. One EX3 and two DSLRs for the closeup images. The wide shot was also on a wally dolly giving a lovely movement to the image, which is so important in high end video production.


      Lighting interviews can be tough as you often have limited kit available. This wan’t the case here, we had a full Dedo kit along with a Tecpro LED panel.
      My only regret is that we didn’t light the fire – but it might have got a bit too warm if we did!

      In the closeup image you can see how important lighting is. Once the key light is positioned correctly the next most important light is the back light. This lifts the subject away from the background and looks great if it’s done correctly. Too much backlight and it doesn’t look good.

      The edits to these videos will follow, they are currently in post production.

      We at Liquona are passionate about making every video look as good as it can possibly look. Viewers expect very high production standards as the standards increase on television. Call us today to see how we can help you, or fill in our quote request form.