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Final Cut Pro X – or should I say iMovie Pro

This week Apple has released its new flagship version of its widely used Final Cut Pro (FCP).  This is the editing software that we have now used on all our video productions for the last 5 years.  When version 1 of FCP was released and many people laughed it off the edit room table and didn’t give it a chance.  10 years later and FCP can be found in post-production facilities all over the world, BBC included & Liquona.

“…is this a repeat of that?”

FCPX is an amazing bit of software.  The problem is that it isn’t yet a pro bit of video editing software.  Features like ‘import from iMovie’ get the alarm bells ringing. We have never used iMovie, why would we want to import from it!? There are many great blog posts out there answering all the questions about the bugs, such as not being able to open FCP 7 files etc, so I won’t answer those.  I do think that give it 6 months and Apple will have sorted out the problems and video production facilities will start to use it again, and love it.

The problem is that this isn’t a new version of the established Final Cut Pro, it is a new version of a different software all together.  It should have been named something different to avoid the confusion.

Update: Apple are giving refunds – we were first in line!