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      Glidetrack review

      Using Glidetrack in Video Production

      Adding movement to any video image increases the video production quality.  If you watch a high end music video then the camera will barely ever be static.  There are different ways of creating this look from panning the camera, to Steadicams, to track systems.

      The advantage of physically moving the camera is that the viewer gets a sense of perspective that they would get if they were there in real life. For example if you look out of a car window on the motorway the things close to you move very fast, the horizon however moves very slowly.  This gives your brain the relevant information to work out that the barrier is close and the trees are far away! By adding movement to the video production you are placing the viewer in the scene, not just letting them look through a window.  This effect is called temporal parallax.


      The advantage of a track system over a Steadicam is that you can really mould the shot to do exactly what you want it to do. When shooting with DSLRs this is very evident, on a Steadicam you can’t really get any other effect than a wideshot.  With the Glidetrack you can have prime lenses and be pulling/throwing the focus while moving.  We have recently added the glidetrack HD to our kit (available from Glidetrack).  The image above was taken when filming a property video tour and you may notice we were filming with a Steadicam and a Glidetrack.

      This is a small 0.5m movement, but it adds immeasurably to the quality of the Video Production.

      To view an example video shot with the Glidetrack please visit our portfolio.

      Video Production from Liquona. London.