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      The Right Camera for the Right Job.

      It’s not all about the camera

      The camera used on a shoot is very important but it isn’t everything. The glass on the front of the camera is also important but again it’s not everything.

      It is more important to have great shot composition than it is to have a great camera. With the rise in camera quality and a subsequent drop in prices have meant a huge uptake of cameras by people thinking they can make videos.

      A skilled video crew is always required to get the best out of a video production opportunity.

      iPhone videos

      To prove this theory, and to take it to the extreme, there are videos out there shot by great camera ops entirely on iPhones. If the operator knows what they are doing then they can make it look great. Obviously it would be even better if they were using a great camera too!

      Importance of all this

      In corporate video production it is very important to select the right camera, for the right job. It is even more important to select the correct camera operator. Just because somebody has access to an amazing camera it doesn’t make them a video production professional.

      Selecting the right camera

      To be honest this normally comes down to the budget. A cinematic camera produces beautiful images, but comes at a high cost. You’ll also need lots of lenses that are also expensive. For a TV commercial we would recommend this sort of camera. At the other end of the scale is I guess the iPhone, not that we’d ever recommend that we film on an iPhone! Somewhere in the middle is the DSLR camera market. These cameras have taken the corporate video production industry by storm as they produce fantastic images for a fraction of the cost. They do have their problems though, so they’re not always the right camera.

      A simple rule, use the right camera for the right job.