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      Using 3D motion graphics, 360 video production techniques, double sided sticky tape and a toilet roll tube we produced this stunning 360 animation for the Faraday Institute!

      It was no small brief either;

      • Tell the history of the entire universe..... in under 3 minutes
      • Blow the socks off of any school child when they watch it on VR headsets.

      (Ok, yes the brief is small in terms of the word count. But look again - it's an epic brief of intergalactic proportions by the way, incase you weren't sure how you were supposed to react).

      Children are the toughest critics.

      We worked closely with our client, the Faraday Institute applying our unique β€˜LIQUONA’ approach that we call RAESS.

      We use this approach to ensure that our content doesn't only 'land' with the audience, but completely flattens them (In a very good way).

      Research - A structured initial conversation with our client to understand the audience.
      Audience profiling - Identifying key audience types, their interests and communication nuances.
      Engagements - We test concepts with the profiled audience. Communication is key to understanding an audience!
      Social habits - We reference our concepts and audience profile against contemporary social content and habits to assess suitability and required actions.
      Survey - We assess stages RAES with proposed actions, to ensure we will be best placed to connect with a diverse audience.

      This project demonstrates the thrill ride that 360 video can give viewers and how literally anything can be visualise by our talented team at LIQUONA.