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      We keep ourselves at the cutting edge of creative innovation.

      So we use a lot of AI tools in our processes to increase speed, generate scale and bring efficiencies.

      Just for fun and to demonstrate generative capability for you, we've used AI tools to re-create our award winning recruitment advert for Surrey Fire and Rescue Service!

      Here you can see the original ad (made by humans) and AI's version, side by side. There's no prizes for guessing which is which. But what this shows is the capability of generative AI as a tool for a host of applications.Β  It also deftly demonstrates our position on AI which is that it's a powerful tool, but it's not the solution in and of itself. AI requires expert handling and application to get the best value from it.
      We do that! We use the latest tools available to action the most distinctive and creative responses to our client's challenges.
      If you want to better understand how you can leverage AI for communications, marketing, recruitment, awareness, campaigns and sales activity, we should talk!