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      Give your brand a lift!

      In the broadcast industry it's referred to as a 'sting' : The short music and visual interlude which identifies or reminds you of the programme you are watching.

      Remember the spinning bat sign and snippet of music used in the 1960s Batman series?! That sting was used to segway in and out of commercial breaks, instantly reminding you what you were watching and setting the scene for the ongoing 'Batman' experience.

      In a similar way nearly all branded content will feature a graphic of their logo to introduce to the viewer, or to remind the viewer who has produced the content being watched.

      In most cases companies simply add an opening graphic and end slate, their logo fades up, their logo fades away. Whilst that is effective, it's clearly 'economy class'...

      Don't be like every other brand out there...

      Go big, go epic, go large. Do something most other brands in your sector don't! Up the stakes, get ahead, differentiate your brand.

      Have a stylishly animated corporate logo, a.k.a. a 'sting'. It need not cost a lot and it can be applied across all of your moving image content, providing ongoing ROI.

      This is your opportunity to look more finessed than you usually do, be more stylish than you usually are, raise the expectations for your brand beyond the norm!


      Animated logo stings can give your brand a lift. Go for it.