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      The AOP asked us to make a fun, styled animation, focusing on eight top tips for keeping your eyes healthy.
      The brief was for something short, memorable and for each individual ‘scene’ to work as a standalone image for posters & social media. With this highly ‘modular’ approach in mind; the designers storyboarded the animation to allow for each scene to ‘settle’ and once all the elements were together, and to then hold the scene before transitioning onto the next.

      We often say ‘Build it once, use it many times over’.
      This modular approach meant that the animation was easily repurposed for a range of wider channels, giving great value.
      ‘Love Your Eyes’ was chosen as a theme because the client launched the animation on social media in time for Valentines’ day, but also wanted it to have a shelf-life past that. This may explain the Barry White-esque music and deep voice over!