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The requirement for this campaign was to create a positive public eye health awareness piece, the challenge was to make people actually start thinking more about their eye health.

If asked the question; 'which sense would you most fear losing', people respond overwhelmingly with ‘sight’, and yet people rarely consider their eye health until they perceive that they have a problem, in some cases that can be too late.

By contrast, a general population once apathetic about dental hygiene now take fantastic care of their teeth, with great personal hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, even when they perceive that their teeth are fine they’ll still have a 'check up’.

How could we encourage a similar shift in public thinking about eye health, moving from a responsive to a pro-active mindset?

We chose an approach that focused on what people would miss if they lost their sight, aligning the value of good eye health with the significance of regular eye health check ups.

Our 30 second commercial features cherished moments when someone’s sight would be most valued; in a beautiful landscape, a wedding and a family achievement.

We then deteriorate the images visually, denying the viewer the moment in full and creating the sense that they are missing out. 

Wanting to take a positive approach, we then show these moments in their entirety after the importance of sight tests has been explained.

We were delighted to feature Konnie Huq as the voice for our campaign. A mother herself, it is still mums who take the lead for the family’s health and we wanted to reach out to them in particular. 

Behind the scenes

Voiceover recording with Konnie Huq