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      The presenter-led brand ad is dead. Long live the presenter-led brand ad!

      Presenter fronted brand ads are back, and right on trend: But they've changed. No longer starring a stiff and awkward corporate spokesperson: They've given rise to a friendlier, sassy and witty front person.

      Behold the rise of the new 'Corpor-mate Video"! (We came up with that name, so you know)

      This corpor-mate video above looks like a dynamic and engaging brand advert to succinctly explain what CIPHR does, and how CIPHR's product solves the problems of HR Management... Ah yes: That's exactly what it is. See Behind the Scenes below.

      CIPHR didn't just need a video: They required an attractive, brand-positioning piece to explain their cloud-based human resources (HR) software.

      Operating as a true brand piece; the calm, confident and personable style of the presenter and script all needed to work together to communicate to the viewer that these are the hallmark values of CIPHR.

      You see, we communicate more through how we say something than by what is said.

      This film has high production values, which instantly communicates that CIPHR is itself a high-quality product. Take a look at our homepage video production services.

      Each person in every scene is an actor, and was chosen following a casting process to select the right person for each part.

      The location was hired for the filming following a research process to find the right setting for the ad.

      The script was written by a writer and inevitably went through several iterations in order to hone the right messages and tone.

      The crew were a 'drama crew'. That's not to say they became highly emotional about everything, but rather that they crafted each scene to control the look and bring alive our vision for the film.

      But our client got emotional, and that's what we want:

      The quality of the video is outstanding, I'm over the moon!

      David Richter. DirectorΒ ofΒ Marketing, CIPHR.

      At LIQUONA we don't just make videos: We make you look good.


      Behind the scenes