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      B@titude is a fantastic local charity.

      We are proud to support them and this video was donated by Liquona to B@titude to help them raise awareness about what they are doing and some finances, financed by our Charitable Fund.

      Liquona only asked for a small contribution towards the music license.  You can find out more about the Liquona Charitable Fund here.

      The film was shot over two days, using one of our Canon C300 cameras and Canon SLRs.

      “Working with Liquona has given us the opportunity to make a video about our Charity which we otherwise couldn't have done. Their expertise and generosity has meant we can confidently and creatively share our story..We are genuinely hugely grateful!"
      "The video looks soooo good! HUGE thanks to Jamie & Jamie and everyone for the generosity, hard work and superb quality of the film. We're really pleased and it will help us hugely to show people what we're about. ”

      Naomi Moore & team