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      Still here? Great! You see when it comes to launching new brands on TV, we like to think 'inside the box. '

      And that's exactly what we did for Caboodle Storage (and yes we did come up with that killer line about thinking inside the box)

      I know, you're probably assuming a TV advertisement that displays creative genius of this calibre can only come about as a result of the following process:

      • We zoom across to a sunlit beach near our L.A. office to meditate on the client's brand values and look wistful as we walk in slow motion.
      • We deploy a team of bearded creatives in our Soho office to bat balls on our agency branded pingpong table as they discuss the client brief and brainstorm.
      • Money. Bucket loads of it. Literally. Enough buckets for us to photo the office dog sitting in them for our instagram channel.
      • When it's done; the Bourbon cocktails flow, and the champagne corks pop at our wrap party.

      But you'd be wrong! This is how it actually happened (in our Leatherhead office in Surrey):

      • Client told us about their service, their sector and their ambitions, all done over a zoom call. It was raining buckets outside.
      • We batted some ideas back and forth in our team. Some corking ideas flowed. We popped them in a simple powerpoint shared on our next zoom call.
      • The client said they felt spoiled for choice, selected their favourite concept and chose their budget point (which we stuck to. It was phenomenal value for their brand).
      • Quick as a whisker, we put wheels in motion, making the advert in a matter of days, deployed it to air, dealt with compliance and wrapped up a 'great job done' with a cup of tea and a bourbon biscuit.

      Wonderful - thank you! It's been a real pleasure working with LIQUONA!

      Caboodle is the UK's easiest storage service, with an exciting new service that makes storage flexible and fuss-free, based around their home packing boxes.

      We therefore made their iconic storage boxes the star of the show in their TV commercial, symbolising their brand.

      We created a 3D motion graphic of their box to afford us the flexibility of movement and therefore life that we wanted the boxes to have.

      Everything about the ad, it's messaging and it's visuals is designed to look simple, personable and de-cluttered; just like the Caboodle brand proposition.

      Images of the objects courtesy of Shutterstock

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