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      Charity Video Funding

      What is it?

      We believe that video is an incredibly powerful way for organisations to communicate with their supporters.

      We have a specialism in producing impactful films for charities, which we do on our mainstream charity and mission charity pricing.

      However for grassroots organisations, even reduced rates can still be unaffordable.

      Our Charity Video Funding represents a slice of our profits and personal income, set aside to finance the production of communication films for small Christian faith charities who would ordinarily never be able to afford professional video.

      How do I apply?

      You need to be a small mission charity, for whom professional video is out of reach. You do not need to be a registered charity, but you do need to be in the South East of England.

      We don't want to add to the burden of your work with a complex application process; you simply need to send us an email telling us what you do and how a video could help you.

      Title your email Charity Video Funding Application and send to

      Is there a cost?

      We ask that you contribute something to the cost of the production, demonstrating that you are committing to the process too. The cost will vary depending on the requirements of the shoot.

      What sort of film will it be?

      That depends on your needs.

      Above is an example we made for B@titude in Leatherhead.

      Here is an example that we produced for Third Space Ministries

      Here is an example that we produced for LYP

      All the beneficiaries have used their films to explain what they do, raise funds and to generate interest in their great work.

      Filmed across several dates; these films have a production value of around £8,000 on average.

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