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      Showing how Christian Aid is helping vulnerable and marginalised people around the world build thriving livelihoods that are resilient to the many risks, shocks and stresses that they are regularly exposed to.
      The challenge for this project was to show an abstract concept, rooted in reality... but without using any language...!

      We gave a full creative agency service for this project, picking up the various papers, blogs and articles written about 'Resilient Livelihood' and what it means, and then converting that into a concept which was readily received. We then scripted and storyboarded the film before bringing it to life in this 2D animation explainer video.

      Character voices were provided by the VO artiste Mark Hamilton.

      The video was then used to launch a microsite about Resilient Living. Whilst that site is no longer online, Christian Aid still use the video on their youtube page.

      What the client said

      "We loved working with Liquona and not only because they are a friendly and very approachable bunch of creatives. Right from the start, they understood the complex development messaging that we needed to communicate in a simple visual way, as well as happily taking on the challenge to produce something suitable for all cultures, genders and languages. They offered some really interesting ideas on how we could do this and were extremely accommodating when we had our own suggestions. The whole process felt remarkably painless and the resulting animation was visually engaging; it perfectly conveyed our messaging and is now being used in our programmes in Asia, Africa and the Americas."

      Amanda Farrant - Christian Aid

      We have a great reputation for helping charities with there communication videos. Find out more here.

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