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      Christian Aid Brand Advert

      We love Christian Aid and the work they do. So imagine our unbridled elation when we successfully pitched the winning concept for their national TV campaign for their 2017 Christian Aid Week appeal.

      (Yes, the unbridled elation was manifest in flossing, high fives and chest pumps).

      Our brief was to create a brand spot to deepen the public understanding of who Christian Aid are and inform viewers about their annual fundraising campaign; 'the Red Envelope'.

      We developed the full creative for their commercial, produced the content and distributed across multiple TV and radio channels.

      The Creative

      Our concept draws on Christian Aid's brand legacy. Our scene is set in a family home, strong images of crises that Christian Aid and its supporters have helped tackle over the decades are framed on the wall, each is set in its own era with sound design to match.

      (OK you like it so far... but you're wondering if the camera should move in a smooth continuous movement)

      In a smooth continuous movement the camera slowly tracks past  the iconic images from each era, humanitarian disasters that we remember being moved by are featured each in chronological order. We move from post war Europe in the 1940’s when Christian Aid started, through to the present day.

      The TV commercial went national on ITV news with it’s own ad break. The ad was  adapted for radio, played across 42 radio stations.

      The Response

      YouGov CharityIndex data indicates how successful our campaign commercial was.

      Among all respondents, with its Ad Awareness score (whether or not you have seen an advert for the charity in the past two weeks) growing from +2 to +10 from launch mid-May 2017.

      The Ad achieved particular cut through with those who would consider donating to the charity, with its Ad Awareness score jumping from +11 to +24 points in the same time frame. Not bad.

      More information about the ad's successful response here.

      Behind The Scenes

      It's been said (mainly here) that Liquona is your 'one stop shop' for tv advertising.

      We bring all the skills and experience required to develop distinctive creative for your brand or product. As a production agency we also execute on our creative, meaning there is a seamless client experience  from start to finish, and we do it for some of the UK’s biggest brands.
      … We make you look good. To understand more about what might be involved in getting your brand on TV just call us.

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