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      LIQUONA's annual video is out!

      Or is it?

      You see, deciding what we're going to do for our annual Christmas video is probably the number one, hot topic of debate in our office.

      Over the years we've had many different ideas that never made it through the stringent commissioning process to production:

      • An observational documentary that follows elves on work experience at LIQUONA (A shortΒ film)
      • Performing the nativity play with our staff looking like 6 year olds (This seemed too infantile)
      • A TV commercial for our own fragrance, made of pure bottled creativity, funded with our own personal money, putting our homes at risk (As if we'd ever be that foolish...)

      So many great ideas; but sadly there is only one Christmas per year.

      This year we decided to do something we have NEVER done before; we gave cameras unprecedented and unfettered access to our highly secretive Christmas video pitch process! It is at this annual event that we decide which idea will be crowned as THE next staff Christmas video; a process that you can now see for yourself.

      Our office were entirely unaware that they were being filmed during the internal pitch; a forum where each team has the opportunity to pitch their ideas.

      We suspect that each team pitches their idea in the hope that it will best show off their team's skillset, possibly at the expense of others in the team.

      It's a highly competitive process and without mentioning any names, there were many tears, tantrums and outbursts which were simply not suitable for inclusion in our coverage (mostly from our client services director, Mark).

      Happy Christmas from all of us at LIQUONA x