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      Virtual Reality takes you there

      We can take people anywhere in the world, and we do! Places like Brazil, Uganda, Jordan, where we show them the work charities do to change lives, then bring them back again, changed forever and wanting to support your charity's work, and it takes about 5 minutes for the round trip.

      Woah there! OK, before you start thinking we're fantasists running some kind of fruitcake airline, it's just a little poetic license to demonstrate how ridonkulously affordable, shareable and impactful our virtual reality content has become.

      Following our successful 360 video for Compassion UK which takes viewers on an experience to a project in the Dandora slum in Kenya, their sister charity Compassion International based in the US commissioned this interactive 360 film to take visitors to Brazil, to experience the life choices that the Soza family face as they live in poverty, but also to experience the hope that child sponsorship through Compassion has brought in to their family.

      Filmed on location in Brazil by our 3 person crew, this 360 experience pushed some technical boundaries.

      Experiential wonderblimpification:

      • The shoot was undertaken in sterescopic 3D, meaning everything is simultaneously filmed twice from offset lenses, meaning each eye in the VR headset has a slightly offset image, meaning the viewer has the illusion of seeing a 3D world, meaning they feel more like they are actually there, meaning they'll say "Wow! I felt like I was actually there" afterwards.
      • Shot in 6k it pushed the format to new levels of resolution and was filmed at 60 frames per second, a higher refresh rate than normal video and therefore giving a more lifelike feel to the footage when the user turns their heads in the headset.
      • This is the biggie (which is why we left it until last) it was interactive! Yep. The viewer can choose what happens in their virtual reality experience, which child they follow and how their day unfolds. Interactivity gives you viewer editorial control and deepens their engagement.

      Compassion International shipped this VR experience out to their supporter churches around the US as an 'event in a box', containing banners, headsets and materials equipping fundraisers to host their own VR experience.

      The crew that flew: