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      Curchods Estate Agents approached LIQUONA to create a TV advert for their Curchods Prime service, and we delivered the goodies (results).

      Creating a bespoke TV Advert for Curchods Prime

      We helped independent estate agency Curchods launch their new premium service brand, catering for the sale of high value homes. We created a TV ad and collateral for their digital and print campaign.

      The ad resulted in millions of pounds worth of attributable sales.

      Each and every project starts with a brief; the overarching aim that drives the project forward. It is the 'why' behind Curchods Prime's TV Ad. For this project, our brief was to raise brand awareness of Curchods Prime’s premium property sales service, for high affluence property owners, in the borough of Elmbridge. As this campaign was to be so locally targeted, we used AdSmart from Sky for the broadcast media. We are an AdSmart agency partner, so we handled the entire process for our client; the creative, production and media. Simples.

      This project started with a scoping stage. This is a standalone service that Liquona offer before production starts, allowing us to explore the various creative avenues open to you. Our creatives convened to chew the fat, where they developed several  ideas for Curchods' initial consideration, before further developing the concepts that stood out. The result? Curchods got the right TV advert for their business! (Yes you could say we literally went round the houses before settling on the right concept, tone and messaging... But that would be cheap humour... Oh... you like cheap humour? - You'll love our website then)

      Curchods wanted the audience to know that selling your premium property with Curchods Prime is a stress free and easy process. So we showed this process in action: The customer has jetted off, is relaxing by the poolside and enjoy ing a massage in the sun whilst a senior member of the Curchods team is looking after her sale. Everything shows that this is a premium property service, for customers with high value homes and communicates that everything is taken care of.

      As the advert summarises: Premium Property. Expert. Ease!

      Spa Hotel or the Caribbean?

      If truth be told, we weren't exactly dreading the requirement to film this scene in the Caribbean.

      However, with our creative director always finding cost efficient solutions to offer, we instead had to bring the Caribbean to the UK. Filmed in a hotel's indoor pool area, we lit and dressed the set to have a tropical feel.  As a film crew we were able to keep shooting during lockdown and we sourced a bubbled cast (a husband and wife duo as the customer and masseur) so that contact between them was permissible. Being there for the day almost felt like a holiday.


      Did it work? - Yes

      Did it generate leads? - Yes, hundreds.

      Did it generate attributable sales? - Yes, dozens.

      Right... Presumably it cost thousands per sale then? - No, the cost per sale was hundreds, not thousands (and that's for the ad production and the media spend all together, like everything).


      - Yep.

      The client then engaged us to make a follow up campaign. Read about that here.

      Call us to hear more about this project and what might be involved for your business to grow through the power of targeted TV advertising - no obligation, plenty of opportunity to explore ideas and maybe a splattering of bad jokes.

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