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      This year, Curchods Estate Agents approached us to create a TV advert for their Curchods Prime service. We couldn't wait to take on this opportunity!

      Creating a bespoke TV Advert for Curchods Prime

      Each and every project starts with a brief. Essentially, this is the overarching aim that drives the project forward. It is the 'why' behind Curchods Prime's TV Ad. For this project, our brief was to raise brand awareness of Curchods Prime’s premium property sales service, for high affluence property owners, in the borough of Elmbridge.

      This project begun with a scoping stage. This is a standalone service that Liquona offer to explore various creative avenues with our team of experts. Basically, our creatives convened to chew the fat, and develop different creative ideas. And the result? Curchods had their perfect TV advert! We quite literally went round the houses before settling on the right tone and message for the creative.

      So, Curchods' advert needed to show its audience that selling your premium property with Curchods Prime is a stress free and easy process. So much so, that you can jet off, relax and enjoy massages in the sun while a senior member of the team looks after you and your sale! As the advert rightly puts it: Premium Property. Expert. Ease! Catch the pun?

      Spa Hotel or the Caribbean?

      We’ve all been dreaming of hot holidays abroad... so when it was decided that we'd be filming in a tropical location, we couldn't wait to jet off!

      However, with boarders closed due to Covid restrictions, we had to bring the Caribbean to the UK! We pulled out all the stops to bring sunshine and tropics to our latest Adsmart from Sky TV Ad for Curchods Prime. Filmed during lockdown, we had a covid safe day with our lovely crew, (bubbled) cast, and clients. It really did feel like a holiday!

      Setting the Scene

      To create the scene, we found a hotel with a tropical pool area as the canvas for our advert. To make the viewer believe we were in a tropical location, we crafted clever angles and matched it with skilful lighting to fool the viewer (and ourselves, it really felt like a mini-break!). With some set dressing, and our wonderful actors, we were extremely happy with the final result.

      The shoot location was a hotel was next to one of Heathrow’s runways! Evidently, one of our biggest challenges would be to work around the planes taking off throughout the day. To our surprise not one plane took off during the shoot. This was a big win for us (though, perhaps not as good for tourist operators!).

      Edited, graded, delivered, the advert launched in April 2021 and can be seen on Sky channels in the Surrey borough of Elmbridge. 

      After a taste of the holidays, we look forward to open boarders and tropical trips soon! 

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