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      CURCHODS: "Yo LIQUONA. That last TV ad you made fired like rocket fuel: Sales are up!

      Let's do encore ya?"

      LIQUONA: "Cowabunga* Let's dooooo it!"

      Above is an extremely loose transcript of the conversation that took place when Curchods Estate Agency commissioned a second TV commercial from us, based on the success of their first ad.

      We had previously helped Curchods to launch their premium service 'Curchods Prime', with a targeted TV ad that focused on high value households in the Elmbridge area. That campaign resulted in hundreds of leads and dozens of sales, with a resulting cost per sale of  just a few hundred pounds.

      Yes that's literally for each resulting house sale.  (Yep you read that right. It's an incredible ROI)

      We provide a one stop shop for brands of all sizes to advertise on TV. We develop the creative, produce the ad and then get it on air. This one stop shop approach means we offer outstanding value for clients. We make it easy and take care of our clients at every step of the way.

      So Curchods wanted a second ad, this time for the main Curchods brand.

      Our little steppie steps production process was very straight forward and looked exactly like this:

      1. Scoping - We helped the client to develop their brief and we developed a range of concepts in response during scoping. This means we take the right idea forward. The idea that shone through was of Curchods being personified on a tandem bike, helping a customer on their journey. The great customer service during the selling journey was something that customers testified about Curchods in their Google reviews; so we celebrated this.
      2. Pre-production - We scripted, sourced actors and a location, in this case Richmond Park where we could hire and film on a closed road, (although you try telling the road cyclists in Richmond Park that the road is closed.. actually don't, you won't like it) Right from the start of producing a TV Ad we initiate conversations with our friends at Clearcast who clear content for TV advertising in the UK, to ensure our ad will be compliant.
      3. Production - We filmed from a moving vehicle alongside our actors on a tandem and secondary bike, a lot of moving parts, which required multiple takes. All filmed in one day.
      4. Post Production - In post we not only edit the best take, but also colour grade, sound correct, create the graphics and source and add licensed music and any sound effects. We add our LIQUONA transmission clock with the unique ad identification number and technically review the ad for broadcast spec.
      5. Delivery - Once the client was happy with the end result, the delivery file was, um.. delivered to our distributors along with the requisite paperwork who submitted the file for broadcast. Simples.

      You may have noticed we talked about the previous Curchods ad being targeted... Good spot!

      This ad was also broadcast on the AdSmart platform from Sky. It allows for  targeted advertising campaigns, meaning only certain household types in specific locations will see the ad on Sky channels. AdSmart also allows for media budgets to start from as little as £5k to get on TV, that's a  budget similar to an economical social media campaign, but with the added credibility and higher audience engagement that only TV brings.

      Furthermore because the client runs a couple of estate agent brands, we made two versions of the same advert! The ads were identical apart from the branding that featured and the local areas in which the ads were shown.

      The client told us:

      We are really really happy with the ads! Once again thank you for all the hard work that's gone into creating them. From the scoping, to filming and finishing up, it really has been a pleasure working with you.

      Graeme Wadhams, Marketing Director

      Want to see behind the Scenes of this ad here ? (Go on)


      *(No one actually said 'Cowabunga'. We may have embellished this transcript slightly)