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      Contacts to the Domestic Abuse helpline increased by over 50% following the launch of the campaign!

      Surrey Council

      Get your own  Domestic Abuse Films in just a few days!

      Resource your domestic abuse awareness campaign with our stunning collateral pack.

      The 'campaign in a box' comprises 3 beautifully crafted short films, designed to clearly communicate that not all domestic abuse happens in the way people might expect.

      LIQUONA designed the 3 films in conjunction with a working party that included expertise from social welfare professionals working in local government and domestic abuse prevention and policing.  The films help to tackle common misconceptions around domestic abuse, particularly for under-represented groups such as same sex couples or older couples. It shows that not all abuse is physical or sexual, but that controlling and coercive behaviour is domestic abuse.

      As the viewer is drawn in to the conversation with the couple on the sofa, so they get insights into what the victim is actually thinking.

      What is being said does not align with what is really happening.

      In real life - would you spot this?

      You can use these ads, tailored for you!

      We will tailor these films for your campaign; we modify the end slide and the call to action to your required information and brand.

      Your version of the ad is then licensed to you, and you can use it as much as you like in the license period.

      Choose the package that's right for you

      1. 1 year license. Use the videos as much as you like for 12 months. Just £2995 +VAT
      2. Perpetual license: Use the videos for as long as you like. Just £3995 +VAT

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      This is such a powerful and impactful video series. We are using it across Surrey's social channels and have seen an increase in awareness throughout the Surrey area.

      Director, Surrey Council.

      Watch below all three films you will receive in the campaign pack.

      Film 1: Isolation

      Film 2: Monitoring

      Film 3: Financial control