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      This year, we wanted to make the return to the office as smooth as possible. Launching 1st April 2021.

      While many employees are facing the troubles of hybrid WFH/office scheduling, the morning commute , childcare issues and an abundance more, Liquona employees were concerned about one thing...

      The loss of their beloved zoom filters.

      Introducing the Face2Face Filter Hat - a clever hat attachment that brings your favourite zoom filters to life.

      We've made this using an open source blueprint, so all those with 3D printers, or simply a loo role tube and some sellotape can get involved!

      Whilst enabling virtual meeting, Zoom also allows users to enhance their appearance on camera with an optional filter which removes wrinkles and the appearance of tiredness. Zoom also allows fun features such as digitally augmented hats and facial hair, and controversially allows users to turn their camera off in a meeting, allowing speculation that delegates have sometimes left the room, are doing other work instead, taking a nap, or not dressed appropriately.

      The device is clipped on to the peak of a cap and features a selection of drop down face filters.

      If staff are feeling tired, or recovering from a heavy night, they can apply the 'Touch Up My Appearance’ filter which diffuses light in order to smoothen out wrinkles. If fun is needed;  select the ‘Moustache’ filter. 

      If stuck in a meeting the user wishes they hadn’t joined, the ‘Camera Off’ option allows users to snooze behind a blackout screen.

      “We saw the key issues that returning to the office will present workers who have been stashed away behind a computer screen for so long, and we just wanted to help. We want this to be a solution that's available to anyone, so we are sharing our design files openly as an open source blueprint. Anyone with a 3D printer, manufacturing plant or simply a toilet roll tube and some sticky back plastic can create their own Face2Face filter to help them cope when back in the office” Matt Day, Creative Director, LIQUONA. 

      • Feeling rough from drinks the night before? Deploy the Touch Up My Appearance filter.
      • Bored in the finance meeting? Simply press the Camera Off option.
      • Need to spice up the Monday morning team meeting? Put on a beret.

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