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      Recruitment videos are an incredibly powerful way to raise awareness for your organisation and to attract the best talent, and it's no different for Fire and Rescue Services.

      Surrey Fire and Rescue used our Campaign pack to recruit fire fighters in 2022.

      This ad attracted 7.42% female applicants, almost double the previous year's!

      This ad also attracted 20.56% BAME applicants , more than a twelve fold increase on previous years!

      Recruitment videos shouldn't just give a raft of information; they should also 'sell' your organisation and sell the job: Set a tone, feel and show personality. People are more likely to take action because of how they feel about something than because of what they know about something: Emotions drive us to action, and that is especially true when it comes to how we feel about a new career.

      Interested in using this ad?

      Our fire and rescue recruitment campaign pack includes all the content you need to advertise posts at your fire and rescue service, whether that's for On call or Wholetime.

      We simply modify the call to action that unfurls on the banners at the end for your service!

      Accents on the voices and visual details can even be modified to suit your needs.

      Our ad is ready made, along with a suite of wider campaign visuals, meaning you'll very quickly be up and running with all the materials you need for a multi-platform campaign, including social channels, web, print, radio and TV, and all at an incredible price point!

      Find out more about using this fire & rescue advert.

      We love our version of the advert and are proudly using to recruit personnel in the Surrey area. We are using the ad on our social channels, both organic and paid for, and local targeted TV advertising campaign, all taken care of by LIQUONA. This couldn’t be any easier, giving us time to get on with other key priorities! You’ve all been so amazing to work with, thank you again!

      Sophie Read, Senior comms manager, Surrey Fire & Rescue


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