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      Choosing a builder is not easy!

      So how would you do it?

      • Ask down the pub?
      • Get recommendations online?
      • See who's leafleted your road lately?
      • Ask your hairdresser who they used?

      Whilst these things may help,  when you hear that there is only one organisation in the UK that independently verifies the quality of a trade person's work; you'll want to know who that organisation is...

      It's the Federation of Master Builders!

      So why wouldn't you look to their find a builder search tool to choose a builder with confidence?

      (Well, I guess you wouldn't - IF you didn't know the tool was there. Enter LIQUONA!)

      Our brief was to build awareness of the FMB’s ‘Find a builder’ tool, to cement their brand as the go to trusted trade organisation, and paint a picture of  the FMB as a modern organisation.

      Fortunately the team at the FMB didn't use as many puns as us in their sentence construction, and we were able to get productively started.

      The FMB is the largest trade association in the UK construction industry, they've been around since 1941, when they were founded with a vision to see post war Britain built back better!

      Undertaking a scoping exercise with the FMB, we developed the concept that everyone agreed would best speak to their target audience. We called the campaign 'Builders in the Spotlight'.

      In the ad we see a couple settling down to the arduous task of choosing a builder.

      Suddenly their lounge is transformed into a gameshow (of sorts), where the ways that many people choose a builder are highlighted, along with the builders in question.

      Now the methods of selection that are often used seem rather weak when compared to searching through the FMB's database of quality assured members!

      The ad is transmitting in July 2022 across Sky channels in selected areas, with a concurrent local radio ad campaign and a social media campaign.

      We repurposed the TV ad to make the radio ad, where the audio needs to cut through and the messaging and values that would be communicated by the visuals obviously need conveying in another way. As well as an alternative script and some attention grabbing sound effects, we employed a good old jingle! They really cut through on radio, so we created an ear worm for people to remember.

      Branding is not just about what we see, but also what we hear; a catchy jingle really helps to hammer the message home (Sorry, that's the last pun).

      The studio was such a fantastic experience for me and the FMB team who were on site. It was very exciting to see the concept and planning really coming to life in the studio, which wouldn’t be possible without your vision and hard work!

      It was also just enjoyable to be on site with a group of exceptionally talented and exceptionally lovely people! The entire crew were brilliant and a pleasure to work with.

      Danika Ferguson, Head of Marketing at Federation of Master Builders

      Brilliant work, with a good fit to the objectives, and good evidence of impact.

      MemCom Judges, 2023

      Behind the scenes