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      The value of a scoping stage

      Glue42 is the world’s most advanced desktop integration platform.

      They asked the world's most advanced animated explainer production agency to help explain their product.

      Sadly they weren't available, so Glue42 then asked us, and we were more than happy to help.

      Given that this animation was not only going to explain a product, but furthermore explain their brand's proposition and position the brand, our client wisely decided to invest in an initial scoping stage.

      In a scoping stage we open up a maelstrom of creative thinking, bringing in our wider creative team and expertise to bear on the project. Call it blue sky thinking, call it a thought shower or even peeling the onion.

      We just call it an investment in thinking through how your brand proposition or product is going to leap from being just text and logo, to existing as an emotive moving image experience: i.e. How do we visualise you?

      Clients can spend any varying amount of budget on a scoping stage, and that simply invests more time and resource for us to explore, develop and report back on ideas. Some of our most successful projects have come out of scoping stages which have offered up brave new concepts and those cheeky little curve balls that no one saw coming.

      Without a scoping stage we still develop creative ideas with the usual 'to and fro' that a client might expect, but we are more mindful to keep the production moving forwards in order to keep to your production budget, not taking time to deviate to the left or the right in the way that we can in our initial scoping stage.

      For Glue 42 the scoping stage allowed us to develop and design a selection of routes that we could take to visualise their product and tell their brand story. After a little bit of development the 'chosen one' was.. chosen.

      A really simple bit of extra investment to do the thinking upfront. You don't need to do a scoping stage, but you do need to not do your wider thinking and exploring of ideas once you see your first cut, whoever you are working with.

      To hear more about a scoping stage ask to speak to our client services director. To hear more about peeling onions speak to Delia.