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      IBD in the Workplace is our latest instalment for EFCCA,  in a campaign to raise awareness for Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). The storybook animation concept runs throughout all five instalments of the awareness campaign. As the book opens and folds, it creates brief moments where the viewer can reflect on their own journey. 

      As outlined in the title, this instalment sees the characters deal with their IBD while at work.  Often for the patient, this can be a highly stressful prospect of returning to work with their symptoms of IBD, and so the narrative offers viewers solutions to these situations portrayed in the storybook.

      The storybook animation is blended with live action assets as some of the characters walk off the page into real life scenes. By positioning the 2D characters outside of the book, in the ‘real world’, we make the issue of IBD in the workplace both highly relevant and out into the public domain.