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      Behind-the-scenes videos can be a versatile and powerful tool for building relationships, creating excitement, and adding depth to your content or brand. This film was intended to give the audience an inside look into how we created a stand targeted towards young student about becoming a Biomedical Scientist.


      The Institute of Biomedical Scientists approached us at the start of 2023 to make four videos explaining the difference routes a person can make to become a Biomedical Scientist. The success of the videos was demonstrated through the engagement the Institute of Biomedical Scientists received on all four routes. Here at Liquona we are motivated to do all we can to inspire the next generation, we teamed up with IBMS again later in the year to create a stand at a Careers Fair to encourage students to learn more about becoming a biomedical scientist, and we wanted to make sure we stood out amongst the rest of the competition.



      Gaining interest from young adults could prove to be difficult and we also wanted to make sure that they felt comfortable and excited enough to be able to talk to the IBMS team and interact with the stand. Through numerous suggestions we decided to come up with using virtual reality as a bridge between young adults and learning about Biomedical science. To pique the interest from the students we created a virtual reality science lab, and to make it more fun we decided to build the lab on a spaceship! The tasks the student would complete are some of the basic tasks a Biomedical Scientist would have to do. This meant that they were learning about this career through play which is a great way to enter the subconscious mind and retain information. Along with the VR headset we also created leaflets and merchandise such as bags, pens etc which were a great way to advertise to the other students at the fair. We wanted to use the initial routes to registration film as a central theme and that is what we based the leaflet on, the general look of the stand and we also had devices laid around which had the first film from the ‘Routes to Registration Films’ which is aimed at this specific age group.



      We interviewed staff from the IBMS team, and they all said they were really happy with the number of students they have engaged with and how many have shown an interest in what a biomedical scientist is. Dan, who was our main point of contact throughout the process said, “when we first set up it was fairly quiet, and a lot of people were tentative about coming to see us using the headset but since then we’ve been inundated with kids coming and asking us about how to become a biomedical scientist and to try out the VR word”. Helen from the IBMS team said “the VR headsets have been a real hit; at that age it can be intimidating coming up to a stand and finding out more about it. But having the headsets there means that they don’t have to speak to people, and they can learn through using them which is great.” Having students at the start of the day being tentative was something we expected but we knew that once they could see other students were enjoying the experience it would snowball from there.

      This was a great project because we were able to see first-hand the impact our work has on the next generation. Each student is more than a number and they all have a bright career ahead of them. Many adults came up to me when I was filming at the Careers fair saying they wish they had this when they were the ages of these student, and this is a memorable and inspiring way of getting the next generation into Biomedical Sciences.