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      LIVE ACTION & ANIMATION HYBRID HELPS YOU get complex messages across QUICKLY

      Statistically, by the time the clock on your video hits 00:10 - 20% of viewers will have already stopped watching a video and clicked away to a cat playing the drums!

      (You still with us?  …Good)

      You have 10 seconds to grab an audience and call them to action.  We have less patience these days for mediocre videos.

      Which is why we decided on a live action and animation hybrid for our client: Institute of Biomedical Scientists.  We wanted something that was eye catching and engaging.

      We went with a selfie style opening to pull the viewer in through pure personality.  And then transitioned into animation to help explain detailed key messaging.

      Client objectives

      The Institute of Biomedical Scientists (IBMS) is a membership organisation for 21,000 members.  Biomedical scientists and laboratory staff analyse fluids and tissue samples from patients, identifying diseases.

      Our client wanted to create X4 films to show the 4 different tracks you can take to become a biomedical scientist.  The project aims to raise awareness of IBMS Accredited degree courses – helping relevant audiences to understand its importance, impact and meaning in the biomedical science profession.

      They wanted to direct students and interested people at the start of their career to more detailed information on their website.  The target audience was aged between 16 and 25 so it needed to be super engaging and accessible.


      After discussions we came up with the idea of the live action & animation hybrid.  This mix of styles helps to keep the video pacey & engaging.

      We used a selfie style for the live action to give it a more personal approach.  By filming in an insta style with jump cuts and contributors picking up the camera – we created a dynamic & approachable feel.

      We had a thorough casting process where we interviewed and auditioned each potential presenter.  We selected our shortlist and with our client we chose a different & confident presenter to front each video.

      For the animation we developed different animation styles for our client to choose from.  We needed to illustrate 4 different tracks in as simple & clear a way as possible.


      We chose a computer game graphic style with 8 bit graphic elements such as the propellor and the wings that transported each character on their journey.  We wanted it to be visually appealing and fun.  The computer game sound effects also help to bring the animation to life.

      Each of the 4 films were 45 seconds long.  We managed to fit a lot of information into a short space of time.

      We made sure that the transitions between live action and animation were fluid and pre planned – so the whole film felt coherent.

      As always, we wanted to build a consistent brand presence and build on the work we’ve done previously for IBMS.


      “The shoot was great.  All of the cast were excellent. Thanks to you and all the team for your hard work and making this a really enjoyable experience. We’re really pleased with the films and can’t wait to start using them.”