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      "Who made that splendid animation for The Pension Risk Transfer team at Legal & General?"

      We hear you ask...

      "By Jove! It visualises and explains a complex financial product so clearly and frankly I like it."

      You say?

      Why thank you website visitor. Funnily enough that was made by us at LIQUONA, and we like it too.

      What's even more interesting is that this was the first time that Legal & General's new brand style was brought to life in an animation, so we relished the opportunity (felt the pressure) to set the standard for how a brand identity that had only existed as static imagery might be animated in to life.

      Like all of our projects, this one followed our unique production process which allows for all the creative scope needed to make great content, whilst keeping to budget and timescales; all done with minimum fuss. (We don't do fuss and panic)

      The process started with a 'content dump' where the client tells us the messages that they need communicated.

      We then developed a concept for communicating the content in a way that was structured, had the right tone of voice for the client and their audience, and which was presented in a tip top fashion to makes the content memorable.

      Hear more from our production team, and from the client, about the animation process for this project here.



      Behind the scenes