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      Q. You need a new kitchen. Who you gonna call?

      A. Ghostbusters!

      Q. What? Don't be ridiculous: They don't design kitchens.

      A. Oh. In that case I'll call Lewis Charles Kitchens and Bathrooms because I saw their ad on Sky TV.

      Β - Right answer!

      Conversations like that are probably happening right now all over Southern England since LIQUONA made the inaugural TV commercial for Lewis Charles Kitchens and Bathrooms.

      Working to lycra-tight budget* parameters we produced a glossy and stylish commercial designed to position the luxury brand; blending live action footage of their showroom and workshop with photos of actual designs and completed installations.

      Here's how we pitched it:

      Close your eyes...

      Now open them again if you're reading this as the reading doesn't work otherwise.

      Lewis Charles supports customers at every step of their journey to the kitchen or bathroom of their dreams. We celebrate this hallmark approach by opening with emotive and engaging imagery of big steps in life; a toddler tottering around the home.

      Just look at those cute, chubby little legs!

      - Sorry client, no not yours, I mean the toddler in the scene, I'm painting the picture. Close your eyes again. (Open your eyes agin if you're reading).

      The confident and smooth voiceover goes on to explain that significant steps are so much easier when you are supported.

      And so it is that the service from Lewis Charles helps homeowners at every step.

      Our ad progresses in chronological order through the steps of a project, from design, to manufacture, to fitted and completed kitchens or bathrooms.

      Pictures speak louder than words. You're a premium brand, our graphics, the music, the visuals they all 'say' premium.

      We conclude with your logo on screen and a clear call to action – get in touch for the free design service.

      The local element of the service is clearly communicated through the end board's showroom location, capitalising on the local targeting of the media plan.

      Your logo remains on screen.


      ...Now you can open your eyes again.


      What a pitch! Have you done this before?


      Just kidding.

      Actually yes. See here.

      We've launched lots of brands on TV combining the power and credibility of TV advertising, with our tip top creativity.

      Whether you're a FTSE100 or a small business, LIQUONA take you to new audiences with ads that up-sell your service and position your brand.Β  Aaaand there's no rushing around with stakeholders all over the place because we're a one stop shop to get you to air: We'll develop the creative, we'll make the ad and we'll handle the media and the delivery to broadcasters.

      Just call 0207 7577473 to ask how we can help.

      *Does "lycra-tight budget" mean this was a really cheap TV advert? No!

      Was it AMAZING value? Yes! OK It was sort of 'really really cheap', because even micro businesses can afford the LIQUONA service, but no matter how small our client's budget, they still get access to our industry leading creative and production, so nothing about our ads or the way me make you look is ever cheap.

      You don't really want your brand to be cheapened and neither do we.

      If you think you want a really cheap TV ad, think again, and instead look for a really great value TV ad that's going to grow your business and your brand, and then call LIQUONA.