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      We produced a series of medical training videos for Boehringer Ingelheim, managed by healthcare training agency DeltaKN . The series  supports the decision-making process around the pre-hospital diagnosis of patients with potential stroke symptoms.  The four scenarios that our films have dramatised give viewers the opportunity to interact with the patient stories and apply what they have learnt.

      Yesterday… Turns out subdural haematoma. I spotted that because of the training, so thank you! Amazing learning resource.

      Paramedic Trainee

      Branch narrative

      The videos are embedded into a training platform which facilitates interactive decision making where the consequences of those decisions play out in what we have term a 'branch narrative' video. The user watches a video clip which concludes with a series of multiple choice options for consideration based on the clip they have just viewed. The viewer's response will then determine how the story continues!

      Drama for training

      Dramatised video is a highly empathetic medium, meaning it is a powerful tool for training. Good drama feels authentic and evokes emotions, emotions make experiences and therefore learning memorable.

      This project features four stories, each with the same paramedic character. In each story our paramedic meets several characters, meaning  multiple actors worked on set in one long filming day.  See below for some of the behind the scenes action and a video about the project.

      Experience the interactive video for yourself here.

      A big thank you for your support. We are so happy with how the videos turned out. The whole project ran like clockwork, particularly the filming days – a testament to your impeccable scheduling. A true team effort and we appreciate all the hard work. We thoroughly enjoyed our first experience of live action filming – working with LIQUONA has been great.

      Laura Fish PhD, Account Lead at Delta KN