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      We partnered with JPA Healthcare Communications to come up with a concept that would help Healthcare professionals consider what the experience of HIV diagnosis and treatment might be like from the perspective of the patient, produced for their client ViiV.

      We developed and pitched a concept with JPA, to their client ViiV, winning the work for us both. Way to go partners!

      We suggested a creative use of the POV (Point of View) perspective where the viewer is the patient. In addition by using text messaging as a device to carry the narrative of the film, not only did it prepare the film for subsequent translation for use in different markets, it also gives the viewer the added insight to what the patient is thinking, as they hesitate and then amend what they are about to text etc.

      Filmed on location in South East England using the stunning Sony F5, it's worth noting that at no point is a genuine i-phone used! All imagery on the featured i-phone (which is a dummy model) has been superimposed by our in-house graphics team to enable it to be bright and clearly visible, but also 'swappable' for the local market translations.

      In addition, when our featured patient 'David' sees himself in the mirror scenes; whilst you would originally have seen the film crew in the reflection, our team's visual effects work means you barely notice anything amiss about the fact that you are looking back at the patient's (your) reflection!

      A branded pharmaceutical film, see the film being used by the client here.

      See more of our work in Healthcare here.

      Some behind the scenes photos..

      JPA_ViiV_POV_94 JPA_ViiV_POV_70 JPA_ViiV_POV_45 JPA_ViiV_POV_34 JPA_ViiV_POV_03

      NL/TRIM/0002/14(1)b: Date of preparation: March 2016