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      If you are going to the trouble of laying on an event, you need an event coverage video!

      Event films add longevity to your event, help you promote the event next time round and frankly let everyone see they missed out if they weren't there!

      For example, our client Motability put on Business Briefing events around the UK, and we film them.

      But we don't just film them.

      We FILM them:

      Using all the tricks of the trade, great kit, great crew, fantastic preparation and a shed ton of Haribo to keep us going, we cover our client's events like there's no tomorrow.

      Fortunately there usually is a tomorrow, meaning we can then edit our footage with style and finesse.

      You'll see that we take great delight in getting the most from contributors in our Vox Pops - the casual 'pull aside' interviews we capture from visitors at events.

      The contributors in our vox pops are not professional actors and most people when approached at events are a little reluctant to be filmed. We are ancient masters at gently persuading contributors to take part in filming; we secure the requisite permission paperwork and make sure that not only do contributors come across as confidently and clearly as is possible on camera, but that they actually enjoy it too.

      All of which means that just like Motability's Business Briefings, your event will look like an event well worth attending.

      Call us.