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      Munnypot are a goal-based investment advice service. The aim of this project was to tackle the misconceptions that people have surrounding investing, and to take viewers on an inspiring journey with Munnypot to explain how their service works.

      This animation focuses on the journey of the 2D animated characters, who are navigating mountains and hills - representative of the investment markets. We used a simple and sleek design, with Munnypot's brand colours to keep a minimalistic tone which allows viewers to focus on the message on screen.

      Animated explainers are a useful way to breakdown complicated or content heavy topics in an easily consumable way. We worked closely with Munnypot to ensure the messaging aligned with their strategic objectives and brand identity.

      We wanted the audience to feel inspired and assured that their investment with Munnypot would be a stress-free one! We incorporated bitesize chunks of text to support the animation, without stuffy financial jargon or intimidating graphs.