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      This mid level 2D animation was produced for Novartis about the impact of living with Psoriasis.

      Designed to be used amongst patient groups and the wider public, the animation gives a patient's emotive perspective on living with psoriasis whilst also making the piece informative.

      The aim of the video was simply to show what it’s like to live with psoriasis and the impact it can have on someone’s daily life.

      The brief required us to go beyond specific gender, culture and geography in the visual portrayal that we were to develop.

      The client wanted  the piece to have wide appeal and yet to also primarily target a western female audience!

      Choosing animation as the medium therefore gave us full control over how the story could be visualised.

      In pre-production we developed an abstract design style which as much as possible was non-gender specific and multi-cultural, whilst still favouring references that suggested a western female's story.

      The brief effectively required two opposing approaches to be taken and to be tallied in the concept.

      We like a challenge at Liquona. How did we do?!