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      How does parallax work?
      Parallax means the difference in the apparent position of an object.
      Objects in the distance appear to move slower than objects closer to the eye. Think of riding in a car - the grass by the roadside is moving past very fast, but the hills in the distance seem to be moving much slower.
      The term is derived from the Greek word meaning "alteration."
      Being splendid film production experts, we have employed this understanding to enable us to bring photos and still images to life in our videos.
      Our clever techno boffin designers rip apart an image, rebuilding it in our animation software. The effect is stunning, allows for great creativity and gives the appearance of super slow motion video capture.
      One of the benefits of using a parallax treatment to stills is that it opens up a world of opportunity for our clients who have existing stills in their archive library, offering us new way to bring them to life!

      To see one of our film that features parallax treatment click here