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      Everyone loves a good fragrance commercial at Christmas.

      And because our clients keep telling us that our passion for great creative is good enough to bottle and sell....Β That's what we've done.
      Step aside Stella McCartney, catch a ride Cartier, suffer the loss Hugo Boss.

      There's a new smell in the city, and we're not afraid to waft it around like a Polaroid picture.


      In fact, we believe that our creative juices smell sooooo good, we've remortgaged our homes to fund our multi-million pound Christmas fragranceΒ  TV campaign: This is the year we go big or go home*.


      It's hard to believe, but not a single professional model or A-lister featured in our commercial, it's just the LIQUONA team.

      You thought you knew what deep desire was when you saw those musical reindeer slippers that your colleague got in the Secret Santa. You do not know desire. Only when you smell our crΓ©ativitΓ© will you truly know desire strong enough to drive your marketing and communications insane!

      We asked John Lewis to comment on how it felt to no longer be known for the nation's favourite Christmas TV ad. He told us "You have the wrong John Lewes, stop hassling me".

      If your moving image communications have started smelling a little stale, splash on LIQUONA, smell our passion and start walking with a spring in your stride and a leopard by your side.

      French words

      Pour homme. Pour Femme. Pour it all over like gravy.

      *Obviously if the commercial doesn't go big, we can't go home as we've remortgaged them to pay for it all.



      Ooooh la la we had so much fun making our staff Christmas video...