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      Never work with animals.

      Awh but they're so cute...Β  and the great British public LOVE their pets.

      OK then. Work with animals.

      Much better!

      Pets make for great collateral to use in TV advertising, which is exactly what we did for Pet Protect, one of the UK's most established pet insurance providers when we produced their inaugural TV commercial.

      After eating many cans of pet food and taking a few walkies of their own, our creatives* came up with the campaign concept 'What would they say?' in which our much loved pets are given a voice to express their own concerns around safeguarding their health.

      This sounded really good, so we tickled our team on their tummies and gave them a choccy drop, and in return out popped the idea of the 'PetProtect-A-Phone'; an Orwellian device that allows viewers to interpret what pets actually say.

      For that little inspired nugget we allowed our creatives to sit on the office sofa (just for the evening).

      Always thinking campaign the 'PetProtect-A-Phone' suddenly opened up a huge scope of activity to give the campaign life on social channels and beyond, complementing the media plan for Sky TV which specifically targeted households with pets.

      Pet Protect started their journey with LIQUONA by simply completing our initial questionnaire in order to get our proposal on what we could do to help them grow their brand and their business.

      Call 0207 757 7473 to start your own journey towards TV advertising, without obligation, and with tummy tickles if you want them.

      More on our TV commercial production.

      *Please note our creatives have been vaccinated but have not been neutered.

      Footage courtesy of Shutterstock.