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      The Professional Publishers Association (PPA) commissioned Liquona to produce this animated informercial.

      The brief was simple - take an illustrated PDF and turn it into an engaging video!

      It was shot on one of our Canon C300 cameras which gives a lovely depth of field and used flat profile settings to give it a filmic look.

      Rooting motion graphics on to a page that was hand held and constantly moving proved a challenge for our animator - but it was worth the extra effort as we wanted it to look as though the animation was happening live on a real magazine, not on a 'freeze frame' image of the magazine.

      It's always worth going that bit further- it pays off.

      The client was absolutely delighted, and the only change was to make the colours of the magazine a bit bolder... that's what we call a very happy customer!

      Filming was on location at the popular Haberdashery Cafe in North London.

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      Liquona' role:

      Video Production // Animated Informercial // Voiceover // Motion Graphics by Liquona London

      animated informercial