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      What was the aim?

      With the onslaught of COVID-19, many clinical and written exams were moved online. As a result, colleges now needed more examiners to deliver exams.

      The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) was no exception. They wanted to raise awareness of the importance of examiners and exam panels, and to recruit new members to them. The college set a target of recruiting 125 new examiners to support the delivery of its clinical exam, and to double the membership of each of its seven exam panels - a total of 88 new panel members.

      Recruitment video needed!

      This recruitment project would enable RCPsych to continue delivering the critical exams that enable trainee doctors to progress into National Recruitment. Without these exams the country would not have enough qualified psychiatrists coming through at a time when mental health is more important than ever.

      LIQUONA was the trusted partner to make two talking head recruitment videos.

      One of which included existing panel members explaining how the benefits of being on the exam panel – such as gaining valuable skills and helping to influence the future direction of Psychiatry, amongst others – and the other talking about how being a Clinical (CASC) examiner will broaden their knowledge about different aspects of psychiatry, enabling them to enhance their skills to support their trainees and contribute to their professional development.

      Complementing the two videos, a web page with the video at front and centre as the headline content was created to provide a clear and easy journey for potential examiners and exam panel members who wanted to find out further information. This landing page’s call-to-action was to complete an application form.

      The target audience included college members, substantive consultants and higher-level trainees in psychiatry.

      Recruiting 125 examiners was the target.

      217 was the result!


      The campaign has been a great success all round. We have selected 177 new examiners that will be examining in the September CASC exam for the first time! Then another 40 examiners... who will examine for the first time in January.
      Liam Wynne, RCPsych