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      2020 - A year like no other, when the use of the word 'unprecedented' reached.. um.. unprecedented levels.

      In our final live stream of 2020, just as tier 4 was introduced to the South East of England for the first time, our staff quizzed global business leader, industrialist and oversized fashion icon, 'Santa', if he’d still be able to deliver presents under such difficult delivery restrictions.
      Like many of the global businesses that we support with moving image content, Santa's outfit had faced some significant challenges during the year.
      "You're on mute Santa!"
      Santa shared that when alcohol hand gel was hurriedly distributed to his 300,000 strong workforce at the North Pole, an initiative which took just 2 hours, their entire industrial output unexpectedly came to a standstill as they had not taken account of the freezing temperatures. Minute elf hands were frozen to toy making machinery until the spring thaw, setting their output back by 3 months.
      Santa also admitted on the call that his consumption of sherry had increased during lockdown and when explaining how reindeer fly, fell foul of leaving his microphone muted.
      Successful social distancing of the workforce (30cm for elves) and modifications to the sleigh which allowed for hooves, face and space (outer space in fact) meant that Santa was confident of his ability to deliver none the less.
      "Covid isn't that big a problem for me: Just try dealing with central heating!"
      After revealing a few surprises from his naughty and nice list, it seems even Santa had taken to doing zoom calls in his underpants; let's just say he revealed more than we were expecting.
      "Ah.. That's the online shopping.. Before you ask; yes we do shop at Iceland. I'm always the butt of cracker jokes."
      Just like FC Industries, LIQUONA also had to adapt this year.
      Our location filming work was initially affected significantly, but we launched new services such as virtual event live streaming and within the first weekend of lockdown had developed and promoted new packages to support our clients with their own COVID communication challenges.
      Our animation and virtual reality productions were largely unaffected throughout the year and once we were able to resume filming we even produced and aired our own first television commercial on Sky, as well as TV ads for several clients.
      We're glad to put 2020 behindΒ us.
      Wishing virtual, socially distanced and hand santa-ised hugs to our staff, clients, freelancers and friends who have helped us keep the show on the road in 2020.