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      “This looks like a brand film for Shotoku Broadcast Systems, a leader in the manufacture and marketing of some of the world’s most advanced Camera Support Systems”, is probably what you’re thinking right now. 

      Gosh you’re good. That’s exactly what it is. 

      “But why do companies make brand films, and what’s the process?”

      We couldn’t have asked a better question…

      Brand films are often called homepage films or silver bullets. They're an impactful way to summarise who a brand is, what they do, and how they do it. Core values, brand personality, ambitions, heritage, expertise and capability are all encapsulated into one stunning piece - easily consumable in under three minutes, and as briefly as possible. 

      If you took your operation, popped it into a still, and distilled it down to its purest form of existence; the complete clarity of vision in one tiny bottle is your brand film! (This has never been done… to our knowledge). 

      Put simply, your audience’s interest should be spiked based solely on this critical first impression, and be open to discovering more. After watching a brand film, your audience should be able to respond descriptively to these questions:

      • Who are you?
      • What do you do?
      • How do you do it?
      “So, what’s the process?” you ask 

      Well, at Liquona we offer our clients a stand alone scoping stage, which allows us to partner with brands to explore their brief and initial ideas, (no matter its stage of development), before we pursue their project. 

      We open up by exploring avenues that haven’t previously been considered. We  took Shotoku Broadcast Systems’ ideas into one of our creative ‘war rooms’, along with our unique brand profiling questionnaire. The ‘war room’ features a wide ranging team of experienced creatives who are given free reign to explore ideas in a unique and structured process.  

      After this, with brains exploding with creativity, we presented our many ideas back to Shotoku Broadcast Systems for their first reactions. We then narrowed our focus to flesh out a select few, until the client was ready to commission their favourite. 

      James, from Shotoku Broadcast Systems, told us this (after we’d asked, he didn’t say it for no reason): 

      ‘One of the things that separated Liquona from other agencies we considered was the focus on the scoping stage. This was a way to allow us, and Liquona, to explore the brief in some more depth than possible in the competitive RFP, but also see how the other party approaches the work.’ 

      ‘The working relationship between client and creative agency is vital; the scoping stage gave us a chance to experience that relationship at low risk before embarking on the major project.’

      So you see, a brand film is really important for your business. If it’s important, it’s worth scoping out, and if it’s worth scoping out, then it’s worth enquiring for a quote, and … oh you get the idea!

      Give us a call on 02077577473, and say you want to scope out scoping! 

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