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      Sperry Marine are a Marine Navigation Company with a proud heritage and a bright future.
      Sperry asked us to make a film that both showed the scale of their work and positioned the company as the innovator in their field. The film needed to show both the defence and commercial elements of their business and the many elements of their global operation. As the film was primarily designed for use on their stand at the International Maritime Trade Fair, we designed it to work well in full HD on their video wall and for the messaging to translate even if the audio could not be heard.
      We therefore pitched a concept that is highly visual, allowing crafted scenes to 'do the talking.'

      We also took some existing photos that the company had and used parallax post production techniques to bring the images to life as if they were video (see the vintage C.Plath logo, coastguard vessel, navy destroyer and cruise liner shots).
      More examples of parallax animation can be seen here.

      Filmed in New Malden, London and the Netherlands and shot at high speed on the Sony F5, using a steady cam rig we captured stunning visuals of the company at work, through scenes that were carefully planned during the pre-production stage to transition from one to the next in a way that gives a 'high end' drama feel to the film.
      Motion tracked animation graphics give the viewer additional information regarding Sperry's services, without detracting from the visuals.