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      Call it a 'silver bullet' film, a 'home page' video or an 'explainer animation'… Surefire wanted a 'click and be told' solution that instantly explained to potential customers what Surefire do, and wanted it done in a way that would build their brand, giving it 'character'.

      Great idea: Modern web users aren't going to read your website sat at a desktop computer, investing many minutes of their time in order to understand who you are, what you do and if you can help them… They just want it served up in a snack size, engaging and enjoyable package!

      We felt that 2D Animation was the ideal solution for this request. Surefire had seen previous examples of our work and so were keen to journey with us to establish what would work for them and their unique challenges in the market place.

      Every client's needs are different and we start the production process by getting to know what you are up against and what our video needs to do for you! We call it; 'The Liquona Way'!