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      Talion are cyber security company, who specialise in minimising the threat of cyber attacks on businesses. 

      We were tasked with creating tour of their SOC (Security Operations Centre) - in light of Covid-19 preventing physical visits for prospective customers. 

      Creating engaging and compelling content in the midsts of a pandemic might be quite challenging for any other moving image agency…

      But not Liquona! 

      How can we position Talion as the leading Security Operations Centre in the UK? 

      Most importantly, we needed to ensure that viewers felt confident in Talion’s ability to keep their business safe, and offer high level of customer support.

      Key areas included:

      • Threat Intelligence
      • Managed Detection & Response
      • Security consulting 
      • Incident Response
      • Collaborative Security Monitoring

      We also needed to craft a narrative that showcased the Security Operations Centre, without physically being there. Challenge accepted!

      While many companies have opted for an animated approach to overcome filming restrictions, Talion wanted a live action video.

      What better time to utilise User Generated Content (UGC). Rising through the ranks throughout 2020, this format allowed Talion staff to record a narrative at home. Our expert editors then placed these clips into a wider video. We used a clever blend of UGC with stock footage, and even some of our own faces! The end result: An expertly crafted comms video that utilises various digital mediums. 

      Putting a face to your brand

      People like people!

      To present Talion as a company who value personalised customer service, we decided to use real Talion staff through UGC. To create content that engages viewers, we must position Talion as a brand who uses real people to look after their clients. Prospective clients can be assured that they're engaging with cyber security industry experts.

      One of Talion’s unique selling points is their focus on building and maintaining strong client relationships. At Liquona, we believe successful business relationships are built on strong brand image and clear client communications.

      Defence Videos

      We've worked across various defence companies, and understand the sector well. We can operate with military precision and expert timing. We understand the industry constraints - shooting schedules can involve numerous logistical issues - but we're ready for anything!

      We have a range of Defence videos in our portfolio. Explore more of our Defence projects here. 

      Contact us here to have a quick chat about user generated content here.