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      >TV Advertising by LIQUONA

      Our motto is 'Always buy the first round'.

      Our other motto is β€˜We make you look good’.Β  In this case that's the motto we told the client about.

      That's what we wanted to do for Tutor Doctor in their inaugural TV ad which airs on the Sky network.

      Produced during the strict stages of COVID lockdown, let's just say we had some limitations imposed upon us, but hey, limitations can help focus the creative process.

      We therefore produced their 30 second TV advert with content sourced from stock library Shutterstock.

      A stock library has literally nothing to do with cataloguing watery soup.

      The challenge of using stock footage can be to make the content distinctive, and not to feel like stock footage that any other company might also use.

      We therefore carefully selected, assembled and treated the footage to tell a story and to emotionally engage viewers. Our design elves made good use of graphics and text to weave the Tutor Doctor brand throughout the ad.

      Always weave the brand throughout the ad, not just when you show the end board.

      LIQUONA is a one stop shop for TV advertising, getting brands of all sizes on air to grow their businesses - See who else we've done it for: TV Advertising.

      In this case we developed the creative, produced the ad and got it to air on the Sky network. We usedΒ  AdSmart from Sky to target specific homes for this ad.

      AdSmart developed a media plan that targeted homes with children and strong incomes, likely to also be sending children to private school; perfect for the client.

      Why not just ask us for an illustrative media plan for your business, targeting specific types of home in very specific regions, maybe need your stores or your preferred area of operation. Be interesting to see right? No charge - just ask.

      Right then.. Back to our motto, what's everyone having... white wine spritzers all round is it?

      Images and footage used under license from Shutterstock